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Oculus is an Illuminati Cabal in The Secret World. All potential recruits need to carefully read The Codex and understand the rules before filling out an application. By submitting an application you are saying that you understand, agree with and plan to follow all policies set forth.
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Welcome to Oculus!

Oculus is an Illuminati Cabal in The Secret World. We will be a full game cabal, with our fingers in PvE, Raiding, PvP as well as some members exploring RP aspects. While we are Lumies, we are a "fair play" group, with cheating of any type not to be tolerated. We are also an 18+ guild, so if you are easily offended by swearing or adult conversation this may not be the group for you.

Our RP back story as a group is still being fleshed out, but as for now we are looking at making Oculus a security company. Personal protection, security details, monitoring, private detective contracting, the works. In the back rooms however, we may be selling secrets of state and business to the highest bidder, taking "wet work" contracts, and selling some of the objects that we have been hired on to protect. 

Oculus Is now Live!

Wulfsbayne, Oct 26, 11 3:56 PM.
Oculus Is now an active part of the TSW community! We will shortly begin recruitment of members, and as of now the forums are available for members as well as friends. As we grow and develop we will continue to add new features to the web page and hopefully get our Vent up and going sometime after the first of the year.

By the time the game launches I would like for us to have direction to the group's development within game, such as (but not limited to) having our RP back story nailed down, know who is wanting to spearhead our PvP and raiding divisions, and having a strong core of like minded individuals who can work to make our cabal one of the best known on whatever server(s) we land on.

Depending on how faction locks work and if it is per server, per account or free to roll where you like we MAY decide to have guilds of the other factions on different servers, but the primary focus will be our Illuminati cabal. If alternate rule set  (PvP, RP etc) servers are implemented after launch we plan to stay with the Official server set.
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